Credit cards and wine – what is the connection?

In life we are presented with many alternatives and we hope to find the right combination of diverse options to create a final product that is greater than the sum of it's parts.  Sounds impressive right, but  2+2 can never equal 5...right?

Wine has been crafted and studied for hundreds of years.  It is appreciated, revered, collected and consumed.  A Sommelier has studied thousands of different inputs that go into the final product.  Through knowledge of the wine and deep understanding of the flavor profile the Sommelier can recommend food that complements and enhances an experience.  Food is better with wine...2+2=5.... Revolutionary I know.

Credit cards can be thought of in a similar manner, there are certain cards where the rewards generated by the card can be traded between different program to enhance the value of the points.  Credit cards have different bonus categories, signup bonuses, redemption values , etc.,  this site details optimal strategies so that families and individuals can manipulate their spending and point redemption to get the most from their credit card.

Like wine, if credit cards are used beyond your personal limits they an adverse negative effect  Credit card bonus points yield a positive return provided you will always pay your credit card bill in full.  Know your limits, if you cant stop after one glass of wine, if you feel a compulsion and a release spending money think if this site is right for you.  It is easy to get caught up in a hobby but wine and credit cards can have extreme negative outcomes so know yourself and assure this is the right subject for you to explore.

If you're still interested I look forward sharing my recommendations to optimize, enhance and unleash your credit card rewards

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